Oct 032014

CAR sets new all-time record month (July)

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up the 3rd quarter already. In fact we have been so busy we are behind with our newsletter as it is now a few days into Q4. CAR is pleased and proud to announce that we shattered our all-time monthly sales number which was last set in Jan. 2013. July 2014 was the best month in our 28 year history. Getting all our shipments out proved especially challenging as scheduler Carrie Hause was out on maternity leave until Aug. 3rd and former CNC Project Engineer Steve Gerrard’s last day was July 19th. Steve’s replacement, Bill Blakely (see next article) didn’t start until Aug. 3rd. Our skeleton crew was running on fumes but we pushed ahead and got the parts out the door. As always we need to thank the 3 pillars of our success- our customers, vendor partners and our dedicated staff for their continued business and hard work. We followed July with a great Aug. and Sept. was also a strong month.  With Carrie back full time and Bill at the helm of our CNC department we hope to break another record before the end of 2014.

As is the tradition when we break the sales record, CEO/Owner Charlie Rogers treats the staff to a meal. This time around, the lunch (dinner for night crew) was “make-your-own-garbage-plates”. For those of you that don’t live in the Rochester area, please click here to learn more about our local delicacy.

CEO Charlie Rogers grilling for the staff

CEO Charlie Rogers grilling for the staff

Welcome William Blakely

CAR is pleased to announce the newest member of management- William (Bill) Blakely. Bill is our CNC Project Engineer and replaces Steve Gerrard. Bill’s job duties include quoting new projects for our CNC customers, managing those projects once we receive the orders, and working with our machinists on the floor to ensure we are maximizing all efficiencies. Bill has a strong machining background and prior management experience. His mix of skills make him an ideal fit for this position and CAR is very lucky to have such a great talent on our staff. To read Bill’s complete bio please click here.

Bill Blakely- newest member of the CAR crew

Bill Blakely- newest member of the CAR crew

CAR Company Picnic

A great time was had by all at the CAR annual company picnic. This year’s event took place on Sept. 6th at Powder Mills Park. The staff voted and majority wanted a clam bake so we went for it. Milt Cummings borrowed the steamer from his conservation club which held 170 dozen clams. We also had traditional picnic food and many employees brought yummy homemade treats to pass as well. The picnic also featured a keg of Rogers Beer (supplied by former CAR employee Al Rogers), face painting and bounce house for kids, raffle for top prizes, LuGia’s ice cream truck (supplied by Brian Rumsey) and a bocce tournament.

Milt Cummings and son Ryan defeated CAR employees Mike Mendolera and Emily Thomas to win the bocce tournament and the $100 cash prize, ($50 for second). Carrie Hause was the big winner in the raffle scoring the grand prize; a $100 gift card to the mall. It was a bit overcast but overall the weather held out and the CAR employees, their families, and friends were able to enjoy the festivities.

Bring on the clams...

Bring on the clams…

Face painting fun

Face painting fun

Congratulations Steve Cheesman

It’s official! Steve Cheesman married longtime girlfriend Jessica Lawrence on July 26th 2014. Steve Cheesman is one of our CNC mill programmers and loyal newsletters may recall previous articles on Steve both for graduating from our apprentice program and the birth announcement of the couple’s daughter.

The couple held both their ceremony and reception at Mendon Country Club. One hundred guests attended and the weather was perfect. Steve’s best man was 10 year old son Gavin and Jessica’s maid of honor was her cousin Kristina. The couple’s 4 year old daughter, Hailey was the flower girl. The new Mr. and Mrs. Cheesman reside in Farmington. Best wishes for a long and prosperous marriage!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Cheesman

The new Mr. and Mrs. Cheesman


Jun 242014

CAR Gets Mazak Nexus 530C II Mill With Pallet Changer

CAR has added capacity and expanded its capabilities once again with the addition of our newest piece of equipment the Mazak Nexus mill. This state of the art CNC machine has all the bells and whistles including thru spindle coolant (high pressure) and air, 12K spindle, both work and tool probing.  It holds 48 tools and has 3D high speed software package.  What differentiates this mill from our others is that this Mazak mill has a pallet changer.

The advantage of a pallet system is that while the machine is machining one work piece, the operator can be setting up the next work piece on an identical fixture on the other pallet. Another variation is to set up the next job on the second pallet with the first pallet is dedicated to machining the first job. This reduces the amount of downtime and keeps the machine making parts. Finally, the pallet changer can be set up to run “lights out” so night shift is able to load up a job and the machine can run unattended until day shift arrives. Our CNC milling area continues to be one of our busiest departments. We are pleased to add this mill to keep up with our customers’ growing demands, so please keep those RFQ’s for mill projects coming!

Mill machinists Chad Swart and Dave Schutt getting ready to load up the Mazak

Mill machinists Chad Swart and Dave Schutt getting ready to load up the Mazak


CAR Going for TS 16949 Certification

As loyal newsletter readers know, CAR has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2006. Some additional trivia, the “CAR” in CAR Engineering and Manufacturing is short for Charles Arthur Rogers our CEO/Founder. CAR Engineering does do work in the automotive sector but it is only about 10% of our total business. However it is our goal to grow this sector and achieving TS 16949 should help us get there. With a grant funded by both High Tech of Rochester and Workforce Development Institute, CAR is taking the plunge and going for our TS certification along with our ISO in November of this year. For those of you unfamiliar with TS 16494 it is specific to the automotive industry and requires an even higher level of compliance than traditional ISO. The TS internal certification team- led by Carrie Hause and Jim Wagner are working hard to ensure a successful audit. Check back in Q4 to see how we did.

Let’s Get Social

Remember the days when you had to send someone a letter via the US Postal Service and then wait for a letter back? No? Well than you are probably under 25 years old. The landscape of business has changed so much in the last 20 years with the internet, Google, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and more. With these powerful tools CAR can connect easily with our customers across the United States and abroad. We also want potential customers to find us. CAR has established a LinkedIn page and YouTube channel as well as resurrected our Facebook page. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our new social media coordinator, Emily Thomas, will be adding relevant and timely updates to these sites throughout the month. Thanks for your support.

la foto

CAR’s new receptionist and social media coordinator- Emily

Welcome To The World- Ivan Allen Hause

Yes, loyal newsletter readers you read that right, Ivan is a boy’s name. CAR is thrilled to announce that our Scheduler, Carrie Hause, bucked the girl trend and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Ivan was born at Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua, NY on Sunday June 8th at 10:32 am. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and measured 20 inches long. This is the first child for proud parents Carrie and Rob Hause. Ivan’s middle name is after Carrie’s father Allen. Carrie will be on maternity leave until early August. We have a full crew working hard to cover for her and thank all our customers for working with us in her absence. CAR wanted to have a little fun with Carrie’s baby, so toolmaker Rick Pecora set up “Carrie’s baby pool” where the employees could bet on some baby stats- such as gender, weight, time of birth, and weather. Congratulations to CNC Project Engineer Steve Gerrard for nailing it almost perfectly. Will this boy trend continue or are we back to more baby girls? Only time will tell as CNC machinist Chad Swart is expecting baby #2 this fall.

Welcome Ivan

Welcome Ivan


Carrie snuggles with her baby boy

Mar 242014

Is that the Sun?  No it’s our new shop lighting

Hello and welcome to the CAR Newsletter for Q1 2014.  We are excited to announce that the lighting upgrade for the entire plant is now complete.  With the help of a NYSERTA grant, CAR replaced all the lighting in our facility including the manufacturing shop floor and offices with high efficiency lighting.  It is a win/win as the new lighting uses much less energy and the project should pay for itself in 14 months.  More importantly you can see much, much, better especially in our manufacturing areas.  This has improved the work environment for our employees’ significantly and is a welcome improvement.

Their future is so bright…they have to wear shades! Rob, Eric and Kent enjoy the new lighting.


Welcome James Wagner- Quality Engineer

CAR is pleased to welcome the newest member of our management team, James Wagner.  Jim is a true quality professional with over 25 years’ experience.  Jim works side by side with Quality Manager David Vincent on all quality aspects of our shop.  Some of Jim’s many duties include- PPAPs, random inspections, maintaining our ISO procedures, creating quality documents, assisting operators with in-process checks, inspecting raw material, and calibration and gauging.  To read Jim’s complete bio please click here.


Congratulations Nathaniel Pierce

Congratulations to Nate Pierce CAR’s most recent graduate of the New York State Apprenticeship program.  Loyal newsletter readers know CAR has supported the NYS apprenticeship program since we opened back in 1986.  Nate began his career with CAR in June 2010.  Nate started in our CNC mills and while successful, when an opportunity opened up in our CNC lathes, Nate found his true calling.  Per the program guidelines Nate completed 8,000 hours of on the job training, took the required 16 credit hours of machining classes as well as a CPR class.  He met twice yearly with the NYS apprenticeship coordinator and worked daily with his CAR Engineering mentor, Gary VanHarken.  Nate was recognized for his achievement in our Jan. employee meeting and also received a gift from CAR- funds to purchase new tools for his toolbox.  Congratulations Nate!


Newly minted journeyman machinist Nate Pierce pictured with Charlie, Yvette and his manager Steve


In Memorial Arthur A. Rogers

Rest in Peace…Arthur Rogers

On January 18th, 2014 Rochester lost one of its most tenured and dedicated members of the machining community, Arthur Rogers.  While in high school Art asked to be transferred to Edison Tech so he could start his technical education.  He graduated from Edison Tech in 1938 and continued taking night classes in mechanical design, machine design, tool design, mathematics and process engineering at both University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology from 1938 to 1944.  While he continued with his schooling Art also worked full time at Rochester Products starting his career running production and eventually becoming a journeyman Tool & Die maker.

A member of the greatest generation, Art fought with the U.S. Marine Corps. during World War 2.  When he got out of the service in 1949 he went to General Motors Institute and studied Mechanical Engineering.  After 2 years at Cady Tool & Die Corporation, Art founded Rogers Associates Machine Tool Corporation in 1955 where he worked tirelessly until his retirement in 1998.

Many members of the Rochester machining community got their start at Rogers Associates.  Art won several awards including Small Business Person of the Year for New York State, 1975 and Governor’s Award for Achievement in Export, 1984.  Art is also in the hall of fame at both Edison Tech and the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA).

Art’s business philosophy was “To work with my Associates towards the goal of a better community, continuous development of our technical and engineering capabilities and to earn an honest profit through the free enterprise system.” 

Art also believed in community service and giving back.  During his memorial service his granddaughter, Catherine Mund, challenged everyone to either volunteer in your community or make a donation the week of April 2nd- which would have been Art’s 94th birthday.  The family of Arthur Rogers extends this challenge to everyone who has taken the time to read his tribute.

Art is survived by two CAR Engineering employees- CEO/Founder Charlie Rogers (son) and President Yvette Pagano (granddaughter).

Dec 202013

CAR Engineering- Another Banner Year!

First and foremost CAR Engineering wishes all our loyal newsletter readers a merry holiday season to you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up with the comings and goings at everyone’s favorite machine shop and stamper. With just a few weeks left in 2013 CAR anticipates an all-time record year in terms of sales. We could not do it without the continued trust and opportunities afforded to us by our customers. We are so lucky to have such a great customer base- thank you for your business! Equally as important is our very dedicated and talented staff. Their commitment to quality, ability to adapt to change, and unique skill set- continues to set us apart. CAR also thanks our vendor partners, the final piece we need to succeed.

CAR Passes Annual ISO 9001:2008 Audit

CAR maintains its ISO certification following our annual maintenance audit. Loyal newsletter readers know that CAR Engineering has been an ISO certified shop since 2006. Per the ISO standard an on-site audit is conducted annually and once every three years a complete and total re-certification is necessary. Fortunately for our audit team- this year the audit was a day and a half maintenance audit as our complete re-certification took place in 2012. As usual we found the audit to be “tough but fair”, and we passed with only one minor non-conformance. This year the auditor chose to focus specifically on our stampings department, which performed outstanding. Thank you to our ISO administrators for their hard work- Carrie Hause (Scheduling) and new employee James Wagner (QC Engineer). Great job!

Check Out Our New Marketing Video

CAR is always tour ready and we encourage any customer, potential customer, or vendor partner to set up a tour with Yvette Pagano. However, as we continue to expand our business globally we realize this isn’t always possible. In an effort to “bring CAR to you” we produced a marketing video. It will remain on our homepage and can also be accessed by clicking Marketing Video. Enjoy!

It FINALLY Happened….Brand New Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine

CAR has had Wire EDM machining capabilities since we were founded in 1986. These machines are critical to our success as CAR builds and designs all its new dies (stamping tools) in-house. Although the wire room’s best customer is CAR’s internal tool room we do a fair amount of production EDM work as well. Toolmakers Robert Starks and Robert Little- Rob and Bob as they are known around the shop, job share, trading off between the tool room and the wire room. They have been patiently waiting to upgrade our equipment for the last 5 years or so. Their dreams finally came true when CAR retired the Mitsubishi- CX20 and replaced it with a brand new Mitsubishi MV2400-ST. Travel is 23.6’’x 15.7’’ x16.7’’. To learn more about Wire EDM click here. This machine has also been added to our complete equipment list.

Dreams really do come true…Rob and Bob thrilled with their new machine

Baby Watch- Carrie Hause

Loyal newsletter readers know that in the past several years quite a few employees have welcomed new additions to their families- Carrie Hause is the latest employee to benefit from CAR’s “magic water.” Carrie and husband Rob are expecting their first child in early June 2014. Carrie, now in her second trimester, is feeling good and is excited for this new phase of her life. The couple wants to be surprised so the gender will remain a mystery. Odds point to a girl as eight out of the last nine babies have been girls but only time will tell what gender baby Hause will be. Warmest congratulations to Carrie and please continue to read the newsletter for the birth announcement.

Bun in the oven…Carrie benefits from CAR’s “magic water”

Congratulations- Charlie Rogers Pittsford Ambulance Volunteer

On December 14th, CEO Charlie Rogers was given an award from Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance for 3000 hours of service. Charlie joined PVA in October of 2001, 5 years after they were instrumental in saving his life after he suffered a heart attack.  Charlie works as a dispatcher when he volunteers at PVA.  He also helps train new dispatchers when they join the organization.   Charlie believes that we should all give back to the community when we can.  To learn more about Pittsford Ambulance click here or contact Charlie directly.

Aug 212013

CAR Engineering Featured in MasterCam Promo

Good day loyal newsletter readers and thank you for checking in to the Q3 2013 addition of the CAR newsletter.  CAR has always believed in investing in the latest and greatest software to enable our talented machinists to do their jobs effectively.  Loyal newsletter readers will remember that CAR has recently added a 2nd full seat of MasterCam as well as upgraded to the solids package.  Check out the video here. Mastercam Promotional Video


Congratulations Andelino Ortiz Jr. on 10 Years of Service

As is the CAR tradition, when an employee hits 10 years of service they are honored at our employee meeting and receive a lovely mantel clock.  CAR is pleased to welcome the newest member of the “10 year club” Andelino (Andy) Ortiz Jr.  Andy has been a critical member of our stampings team for the last 10 years.  He is also one of our key operators on night shift.  Andy is known for his commitment to quality, checking and double-checking all our stampings to ensure every single dimension is within print.

Andy resides in Hemlock with his wife Debbie.  When not at CAR Andy enjoys camping and visiting museums with his grandchildren.  When asked to comment on his 10 years Andy replied, “Time flies when you are having fun”.  You can say that again. Thanks for your service and congratulations Andy!

10 years and counting…Andy with his new clock

Welcome To The World- Dominique Arlette Pagano

Loyal readers remember from the last newsletter President Yvette Pagano was still cooking with baby girl #2.  Dominique was born on May 10th 2013 at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY at 8:25pm.  She weighted 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20.5 inches long.  She took her time showing up, as Yvette was due May 6th but once labor started it was a speedy delivery.  This is the second child for Yvette and husband Marc and Dominique joins big sister Sloane as the newest Pagano.

Yvette was on maternity leave for about 7 weeks starting back at CAR full time after the 4th of July holiday.  She would like to thank the CAR staff for all their dedication and hard work while she was out of the office.

Dominique-whose nickname is Boo Boo Bear

CAR Engineering Rocks the PGA Championship

Golf fans know that the 95th PGA tournament was here in Rochester at Oak Hill Country Club- August 5th-11th 2013.  CEO Charlie Rogers is a 2nd generation Oak Hill member and was thrilled to have a major tournament at his home club.  CAR purchased passes for each day of the PGA, which included 3 days of practice rounds and 3 days of tournament play.  CAR encouraged all employees to attend and Charlie hosted those interested on Monday and Wednesday- luckily CAR had enough passes to accommodate all internal golf fans.  CAR also extended the passes to some of our loyal local customers.

In addition to attending the PGA each day, Charlie was also a volunteer and worked the monster board (leader board) on the 18th green Thurs. Fri. and Sat. morning of the championship.  According to media reports the PGA brought an additional $80 million into the Rochester economy.  This tournament was wonderful for Rochester, our employees, and customers, thanks to all that participated.

Charlie pictured to the left of board- Phil Power and Dave Cohan of Kaman Industrial Technologies pictured below Charlie




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