Multi-Slide / Four-Slide Stamping


We are a regional leader in four-slide production metal stamping. Our inventory of eleven U.S. Baird Multi-Slides are automated production machines designed specifically for the economical fabrication of metal stampings from coil stock. The various motions provided by the die head, such as forming slides, vertical stripper mechanisms, and a range of auxiliary units, afford the DFM engineers at CAR nearly limitless opportunities for tool and die manufacturing of stampings at considerably lower part cost-per-piece by eliminating secondary operations and handling. Because of their versatility, our Multislides can be modified for simultaneous feeding and processing of multiple strips to complete an assembly. In addition, prefabricated parts can be hoppered, positioned, and fed for automated assembly as part the production metal forming process. Examples of machined wire products we produce are flat springs, spring clips, brackets, collars, and shims. All of our Multi-Slide parts are run through an ISO 9001 certified quality inspection procedure.


  • Reduce material usage- in many cases, materials can be purchased slit to width
  • Less expensive tooling means lower cost per part
  • Tapping without having to purchase expensive in-die tapping equipment or needing a secondary process
  • Can perform assemblies such as riveting studs into a metal stamping, which also lowers costs by removing additional processing