White Boxes – Quality Assurance


Why does CAR Engineering pack their parts in white boxes?

Quality Assurance and pride. It may seem strange for a machine shop to send their parts out in white boxes; grease and oil are a natural part of any shop floor. However, this is precisely the reason we do it. We take a lot of pride in the cleanliness of our shop and the high quality of our machined parts. When our boxes show up at customer’s door, the packaging is neat and clean. We like to stand out a little on our customers’ shelves.

Additionally every box says “Made In The USA” on the top. We are proud to be a member of the global manufacturing community and ship not only within the United States but also to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China. Charlie has been promoting American manufacturing since he started the business nearly 25 years ago. The Knights of Columbus recognized Charlie Rogers’s efforts when they awarded CAR Engineering the Americanism Award in 1991.