Message from Yvette Pagano:


2012- A Great Year, 2013- Off to a Rocking Start


Happy belated New Year to all our loyal newsletter readers!  I am pleased to report that in 2012 CAR Engineering set an all time record for sales, besting 2007 our previous top sales year.  We are hoping there is nowhere to go but up, as Jan. 2013 CAR boasted an all time new monthly sales record.  Our previous record was set in Aug. 2012 and this Jan. 2013 CAR’s one-month sales were up 9.2% from last August.  We are still tracking at 96% on-time delivery but definitely had to work a few Saturdays to get the work out the door.  Please continue to read on, CAR has just purchased some equipment, which will increase both our capabilities as well as capacity.  A big thanks to all our customers, vendor partners, and employees for their outstanding contributions in 2012 and strong start to 2013.

CAR Purchases Largest Multi-Slide In The World

CAR recently purchased an 820 US Baird multi-slide stamping machine, one of only 8 ever made in the world and the largest model available.  CAR has always differentiated itself from other stampers in upstate NY with these unique machines.  This “monster” joins our 12 other multi-slides so the expertise in running, tool and die building, and maintenance is well within CAR employees’ skill set.

What makes this machine so unique is the increased tonnage and size of parts we can now stamp.  The machine can handle coil 3/16’’ thick and up to 8’’ wide.  The bed size is over 5 feet.  Stampings CAR has “no quoted” in the past will now be eligible for re-quote.  However, the #1 advantage for our customer base involving this machine is the significant amount of dollars we can save in material usage.  With the ability to attack the part from multiple sides, CAR can often purchase the material slit to width, as opposed to stamping on a punch press where more material is required to carry the part through the die.  Especially when the material is a red metal- such as copper or brass-reduction in material usage hits the bottom line fast.  To learn more about the advantages of a multi-slide click here.  If you think you have a part that would be a good candidate for our new 820 multi-slide please contact Yvette Pagano.

The 820 multi-slide, this machine is over 20 feet long and 8 feet wide

Brand New Okuma Lathe Delivered

Not to be outdone by the stampings department, the CNC crew also got new equipment, an Okuma Genos L300-MW 300 mm turning diameter capacity multi- function CNC lathe with sub-spindle.  CAR is happy to report the machine is installed and making parts already.  This new lathe joins our family of Okumas and will add capacity to a very busy turning department.  Basic stats on this machine are as follows:

  • Z Axis Travel- 18.11 inches
  • W Axis Travel-20.47 inches
  • Main Spindle- A2-8 3,000 RPM
  • Sub Spindle-140 mm flat 6,000 RPM

Please keep those turning quotes coming!

Lathe crew- Gary, Nate, and Larry are ready to start making parts on their new machine

Yvette Pagano Assumes Role as President of RTMA

Yvette has been an officer on the board of the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association for 2 years and is pleased to begin her service as President of the RTMA effective Jan. 2013.  She is following in the footsteps of her father Charlie Rogers, as he also served as President of the RTMA in 1999.  As President, Yvette will strive to ensure that the 3 pillars of the RTMA: workforce development, political advocacy, and manufacturing/sales opportunities for members are maintained.  If you are not a member of the RTMA please consider supporting this worthwhile organization.  In addition to the many benefits of RTMA, the association just recently formed a health care consortium in which member companies with employees of 50 or more can participate.  To learn more check out the website or contact Yvette.

Where In The World Is Al Rogers?

Al Rogers, long term CAR Engineering employee has accepted a new position as an account manager for Bodycote.  For the last few years Al has been doing outside sales for CAR under his company Rogers Products.  While calling on one of his accounts, Bodycote, he was made aware of the account manager position.  After a tough application and interview process Al learned he had been offered the job and gave notice to CAR at the end of 2012.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bodycote, check out their website  As you can see they are the largest commercial heat treater in the world and also offer some unique processes such as Lindure and Boronizing-which several CAR customers have begun to use.  If you company requires heat-treat services-please contact Al Rogers at or 585-298-0483.

In other news, those of you that know Al also know he has another company called Rogers Beer.  CAR is pleased to announce that after being in local bars for a few years Rogers Beer is now available in 22 oz. Bottles at Wegmans in Pittsford, Perinton, and Penfield.  Al and wife Lauren received the good news that Rogers Beer is the #1 selling 22 oz in all 3 Wegmans locations.  So please save water, drink beer instead and be sure you are supporting your local brewer…Rogers.

Rogers Beer- now available at Wegmans

Rogers Beer- now available at Wegmans

CAR Remodels Offices

After 20 years in the same location the décor in the front offices needed to be refreshed.  Our offices are looking quite spiffy with new carpet, new paint, and some new office furniture.  We also painted our break room and had our floors polished.  In addition, we wanted the wall space to reflect what we do so Yvette’s husband photographer Marc Pagano shot some “arty machine shop” professional pictures.  These photos- 21 in all, are now hung up in our hallways.  Please stop by soon for a tour and to check out our new wall décor.

Baby Watch…More Girls

Those of you who are loyal newsletter readers know that CAR Engineering has “magic water” and has had quite the baby boom over the last several years.  We had 6 baby girls born and then the streak was broken when VP of Operations Brian Rumsey, welcomed son Gio in May 2012.  Well, it’s back to more baby girls as Tool and Die Maker, Mike Guongo, gets prepared for the birth of his second daughter this month.  President Yvette Pagano also has a bun in the oven; she is due with her 2nd baby, another girl, in May.  Keep reading our newsletter for birth announcements and photos!