CAR Engineering- Another Banner Year!

First and foremost CAR Engineering wishes all our loyal newsletter readers a merry holiday season to you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep up with the comings and goings at everyone’s favorite machine shop and stamper. With just a few weeks left in 2013 CAR anticipates an all-time record year in terms of sales. We could not do it without the continued trust and opportunities afforded to us by our customers. We are so lucky to have such a great customer base- thank you for your business! Equally as important is our very dedicated and talented staff. Their commitment to quality, ability to adapt to change, and unique skill set- continues to set us apart. CAR also thanks our vendor partners, the final piece we need to succeed.

CAR Passes Annual ISO 9001:2008 Audit

CAR maintains its ISO certification following our annual maintenance audit. Loyal newsletter readers know that CAR Engineering has been an ISO certified shop since 2006. Per the ISO standard an on-site audit is conducted annually and once every three years a complete and total re-certification is necessary. Fortunately for our audit team- this year the audit was a day and a half maintenance audit as our complete re-certification took place in 2012. As usual we found the audit to be “tough but fair”, and we passed with only one minor non-conformance. This year the auditor chose to focus specifically on our stampings department, which performed outstanding. Thank you to our ISO administrators for their hard work- Carrie Hause (Scheduling) and new employee James Wagner (QC Engineer). Great job!

Check Out Our New Marketing Video

CAR is always tour ready and we encourage any customer, potential customer, or vendor partner to set up a tour with Yvette Pagano. However, as we continue to expand our business globally we realize this isn’t always possible. In an effort to “bring CAR to you” we produced a marketing video. It will remain on our homepage and can also be accessed by clicking Marketing Video. Enjoy!

It FINALLY Happened….Brand New Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine

CAR has had Wire EDM machining capabilities since we were founded in 1986. These machines are critical to our success as CAR builds and designs all its new dies (stamping tools) in-house. Although the wire room’s best customer is CAR’s internal tool room we do a fair amount of production EDM work as well. Toolmakers Robert Starks and Robert Little- Rob and Bob as they are known around the shop, job share, trading off between the tool room and the wire room. They have been patiently waiting to upgrade our equipment for the last 5 years or so. Their dreams finally came true when CAR retired the Mitsubishi- CX20 and replaced it with a brand new Mitsubishi MV2400-ST. Travel is 23.6’’x 15.7’’ x16.7’’. To learn more about Wire EDM click here. This machine has also been added to our complete equipment list.

Dreams really do come true…Rob and Bob thrilled with their new machine

Baby Watch- Carrie Hause

Loyal newsletter readers know that in the past several years quite a few employees have welcomed new additions to their families- Carrie Hause is the latest employee to benefit from CAR’s “magic water.” Carrie and husband Rob are expecting their first child in early June 2014. Carrie, now in her second trimester, is feeling good and is excited for this new phase of her life. The couple wants to be surprised so the gender will remain a mystery. Odds point to a girl as eight out of the last nine babies have been girls but only time will tell what gender baby Hause will be. Warmest congratulations to Carrie and please continue to read the newsletter for the birth announcement.

Bun in the oven…Carrie benefits from CAR’s “magic water”

Congratulations- Charlie Rogers Pittsford Ambulance Volunteer

On December 14th, CEO Charlie Rogers was given an award from Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance for 3000 hours of service. Charlie joined PVA in October of 2001, 5 years after they were instrumental in saving his life after he suffered a heart attack.  Charlie works as a dispatcher when he volunteers at PVA.  He also helps train new dispatchers when they join the organization.   Charlie believes that we should all give back to the community when we can.  To learn more about Pittsford Ambulance click here or contact Charlie directly.