Production Metal Stamping


CAR Engineering has seven punch-presses, and eleven Multi-Slide machines. Our DFM engineers, Milt and Todd, have over 40 years combined experience as tool and die makers for precision metal stampings. When you send your stamping quote request to CAR, our engineers will determine if it is more cost efficient to produce your parts utilizing a Multi-Slide or a traditional punch press.They will design for manufacturability, choosing the best option, factoring in the complexity of the parts, material usage, and output volumes to recommend the highest quality at the lowest cost for each customer.

We are currently manufacturing parts in this department with the following materials: stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum ,copper, brass, beryllium copper, phos bronze, spring steel, and delrin/plastic


Our Baird Multi-Slide machines, and Baird four-slide, offer a cost effective way to produce stamping parts from coil stock. For a more detailed information about our Multi-Slide parts capability please check out our expanded Multi-Slide page.

Punch Press

CAR Engineering and Manufacturing has seven punch presses, including three 60-ton Straight Side Minster presses. They can run up to 200 strokes per minute and handle material up to 12 inches wide and 3/16 thick. The dies for the punch presses and multi slides are built and maintained by our fully staffed tool room. Some of the benefits to punch presses are that they take less time to set up and run at a faster rate than a multi slide, providing cost savings.