Davenport Screw Machine Shop

We have five Davenport Screw Machines accommodating work .125” -. and up to 4.250 long. These automatic lathes can create cross-drilled holes and milled flats simultaneously while turning the cylindrical features to minimize secondary processing. Traditional turning machines needed to be shut down and re tooled to perform the secondary operations. With our Davenport Screwmachines, we can machine metal by drilling, tapping, cross drilling, shaving, flats, burnishing, thread rolling , slotting, burr removal, and much more in one operation. This allows us to preform cost effective runs as small as 2000 pieces due to a consolidated setup process prior to the manufacturing run.

Screw Machine products are usually turned metal components manufactured in steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, aluminum, and copper . These machines are ideal for high volume parts that are round, square, or hex shaped.