Wire Electric Discharge Machining

We have two wire EDM  machines and an EDM hole popper for manufacturing products like metal prototypes, dies, stamps, one-off components, and steel molds.  Wire electrical discharge machining is a precision machining process that cuts metallic materials using a thin wire electrode immersed in a bath of de-ionized water. CNC controlled electrical pulses are transferred between a constantly moving brass wire and the metal surface being machined, cutting and drilling via molecular metal erosion. In simple terms Wire EDM can be described as “welding in reverse.”  The biggest drawback is speed, so this process is not used for mass production metal forming.

Key Benefits of EDM machining:

  • CNC machining of metal without tooling
  • High Accuracy and little or no burring
  • Can make intricate and delicate parts

The Wire EDM department serves our customers and CAR’s own tool and die engineering department.