A Message From Yvette Pagano

Happy holidays to all our loyal newsletter readers.  I am pleased to report that 2010 was a much better year for CAR Engineering than 2009.  After a rough 1st quarter, sales started to steadily climb, and with a few weeks left in the year our forecast is for sales to be up 49% versus 2009.  This puts us just slightly off our 2008 and 2007 levels.  We could not have achieved such significant growth without the support of our customers- some of whom we have been working with for over 20 years and some of which we just added in 2010, our vendor partners, and of course our very talented staff.  Thank you one and all for everything you have done to assist CAR.

2011 looks to be another exciting year.  We will be celebrating 25 years in business and anticipate the strong momentum continuing.  On a personal note, I am due with my 1st baby on Dec. 22nd.  I will be taking a 6 week maternity leave but will check email and phone periodically.  I anticipate being back full time around Feb. 15th, 2011.  In my absence our VP, Brian Rumsey, and Owner/CEO Charlie Rogers will be available to fill in.  Thanks again for a great year, wishing you all peace and happiness.

CAR Re-Certifies To ISO 9001:2008:

CAR is pleased to report that for the 5th year in a row, we have passed our ISO 9001:2008 audit and have maintained our certification.  This year a one-day maintenance audit was required, as we passed our full 3-year audit last year.  We did switch auditors from 2009 so working with someone new can be nerve racking.  The auditor chose to do a “deep-dive” into our CNC machining area.  The staff performed well and we were pleased to pass the audit and get our new certificate.  Our new certificate is available via our website, click here.

Best 10 Years Of Their Lives:

Being honored at company meeting- Art, Roger, Al and Bruce with Charlie and Yvette

CAR has always been proud of our low attrition rate and this past quarter we had four employees who we recognized for 10 years of service to the company.  The first three, Roger Cornell, Art Schaffer, and Bruce Blakley all started at the end of Aug. 2000.  CAR purchased a company called American Technology, which is where we got our Davenport Screw Machines, some of our lathes, and 3 great employees.  Roger, Art, and Bruce all made the transition and have been successful contributors to the team.

The fourth employee to hit 10 years of service is none other than Al Rogers.  Al started in Sept. 2000 as a full time worker, having had some prior experience working at CAR during summers, etc. while growing up.  Al started out on the floor and through the years worked his way into management and now handles outside sales for the company.  As is our tradition at CAR all four employees were recognized with a fine mantel clock.  Thank you Roger, Art, Bruce, and Al for your dedication to CAR.

Welcome To The World Olivia Michelle Goungo

The baby craze continues at CAR!  Warmest congratulations to CAR employee Michael Goungo and wife Jill on the birth of their new daughter, Olivia Michelle.  Olivia was born on 11/21/10 at Rochester General Hospital.  She weighted 6lbs and 3 oz. and was 19 inches long.  Mom, baby, and 1st time Dad Mike are all doing great.

Still Cookin’ Baby Pagano and Baby Rumsey

At the publishing of this newsletter, President Yvette Pagano was still pregnant, with a due date of 12/22/10.  On the 3rd ultrasound Baby Pagano finally reviled her sex to Yvette and husband Marc- a little girl.  This will be the 1st Grand Daughter for CEO/Owner Charlie Rogers.  As mentioned above, Yvette will be in maternity leave for about 6 weeks.

CAR Vice President, Brian Rumsey, and wife Gia still have a bit to go, as Baby Rumsey isn’t due until 01/29/11.  The couple wants to be surprised by the sex, so be sure to tune into our next newsletter for more exciting baby updates.